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Ace x Engin: Brand-New Learning Community For Software Engineering Manager

March 29, 2023


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Valentine Steph

Ace x Engin: Brand-New Learning Community For Software Engineering Manager

Ace announces the launch of a new Engineering Management community to help technical managers boost their leadership.

The mission

For tech companies, it is absolutely crucial to manage the growth of every team member. Otherwise, without a clear idea of their career path and the opportunity to grow in their work, developers will leave the company during their first months.

The main mission of Ace is to help Engineering Managers to build and simplify talent management processes by identifying skill gaps, developing skills with growth plans and driving the careers of those who want to grow fast.

But how does a manager grow? We often find that a senior employee who has technical skills at an impeccable level gets stuck when he or she becomes an Engineering Manager.

The only way of professional development for Engineering Manager is co-lerning
The only way of professional development for an Engineering Manager is by co-learning

That’s why Ace is launching the Engin community to help Engineering Managers boost their leadership and grow their own management skills.

The easiest way to achieve these goals is networking and sharing knowledge with other people who have similar job experience.

What is Engin?

The Engine Software Engineering Manager Community
The Engine Software Engineering Manager Community

There are many different aspects to management — some team leaders are successful at tech hiring and interviewing, while others are more comfortable giving feedback and conducting 1-on-1 meetings.

It is easier to grow your skills by communicating, sharing different points of view, and exchanging personal experiences with those who have the same responsibilities on a daily basis. Research shows that educational experiences that are active, social, contextual, engaging, and student-owned lead to deeper learning.

Let’s dive into the details and find out how learning and networking for Engineering Managers are organized at the Engin community.

The core: Co-learning

So what does co-learning look like?


We group people in batches of five people. At the start, an engineering manager joins the cohort and becomes friends with fellow engineering managers. He or she goes through 16 co-learning sessions about different parts of the engineering manager role and becomes an Alumni.

Co-learning is the core of the Engin community
Co-learning is the core of the Engin community

9 topics in 16 sessions

The batch members meet every two weeks for a 1-hour session:

  • 45 minutes for discussion
  • 15 minutes for practicing together

Every member has two cheats available to skip a meeting.

1-hour session at the Engin community


Here is the program of the Engin community sessions

Curriculum of the Engin community


Participants will get access to Knowledge Workspace with useful templates for skill matrices, 1-on-1 meetings, goals, OKRs, which are absolutely free for community members.

Share knowledge with audience

Every session will be recorded. Since each participant will share his or her unique experience accumulated over the years, we will be able to publish useful articles, posts, stories, videos, etc, based on the community meetings.

From the best discussions, we will offer to create master classes, AMAs, podcasts, webinars, mentor sessions and more.

Engin community will promote the community members’ personal brand as engineering managers through social media and content channels.

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Promote good

To bring purpose to the community and good publicity, we decided to introduce fundraisers to support the engineering community. We want to support foundations that make coding available for those in need:

  • Black Girls Code. Providing girls of color with opportunities to build CS skills with a focus on leadership.
  • A non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science for underrepresented students.
  • Code Next. An initiative to cultivate the next generation of Black and Latino tech leaders.

In this way, we not only develop in closed groups, but also provide unique knowledge to the public domain and help develop the engineering community by helping those who need it.

Keep updated on the results of each fundraising event on our social networks!

Join Discord

To start communicating and learning with other engineering managers, join Engin Discord.

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